Hardgrave Cemetery Williamson County

Hardgrave Cemetery in Williamson County, Tennessee

On the Davidson County Cemetery Survey website, visit Providence Church Cemetery to learn about the connection to the Hardgrave Cemetery history.  Providence Church Cemetery was initially visited in the Survey Project on April 16, 2000.

On January 14, 2004,  Davidson County Cemetery Surveyors re-visited the Providence Church Cemetery and located a notice on a wooden sign holder with information about the Hardgrave Cemetery: 
        "The DAR obtained military stones for Skelton and his father Francis Hardgrave, in 1941, and erected the                stones here (in this cemetery).  The Hardgrave Family Cemetery was later discovered across the river in what         is now the Horseshoe Bend development.  In 1998, both stones were moved to the correct cemetery. 
        Francis' original stone was still there (Hardgrave Cemetery) and barely readable.  Skelton is believed to be 
        buried in New Orleans."

On February 29, 2004, Davidson County Cemetery Surveyors visited the Hardgrave Cemetery on a hill overlooking the Harpeth River in Williamson County.  The two military stone markers for Francis and Skelton Hardgrave were seen as well as original tombstones.

Following that visit, contact was made with Charles E. Doggett who has conducted extensive research on the Hardgrave family and the cemetery in Williamson County, Tennessee.  Researchers are invited to visit the website maintained by Charles Doggett at "Hardgrave Cemetery Nashville."   Here you will see a view of the hillside cemetery, photographs of the tombstones and the inscriptions of the legible tombstones.

Nick Fielder, State Archaeologist, surveyed the Hardgrave Cemetery in 1997 and determined that there was 30+ graves.

Report.  12-16-2013