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Barrow (Removed) Cemetery

Original Location. In the present-day area of 31st Avenue North & Charlotte Pike according to historical information sent by Sarah Foster Kelley to Fletch Coke on June 26, 2000. Matthew Barrow’s home was called "Barrow’s Hill." During the Civil War, the house was used as a Federal outlook station and hospital. After the Civil War, the house served as the "Yellow Fever Hospital" until 1878, Later the property was owned by the Meritt S. Pilcher and Captain Thomas Stegar families. The house burned in 1920.
Cemetery Removed. According to the family records of Catherine Pilcher Avery, a lot was bought at Mt. Olivet Cemetery and all graves from the family cemetery were re-interred there.
The following names are some of those who might have been buried in the Barrow Cemetery, according to Sarah Foster Kelley:
Matthew Barrow.             1784-May 28, 1855
Patsy (Childress) Barrow. 1789-Dec. 11, 1872
Meritt S. Pilcher.                 1802-1865
Nancy (Barrow) Pilcher.     1812-after 1880
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Report. 10-18-2003