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Bosley (Removed) Cemeteries

On February 2, 2000, Sarah Foster Kelley sent information to Fletch Coke about the removal of Charles Bosley (Oct. 1777-Oct. 19, 1870) and his wife Eliza Childress Bosley (Nov.16, 1799-March 30, 1873) from the Bosley Cemetery which Mrs. Kelley thought had been located near the Fisk University campus.   

In September 2016, grading of an area on the Aquinas College campus, Harding Pike, uncovered a graveyard. Two tombstones, Charles Bosley Died Oct. 19, 1870, and  Mary Bosley Died at 12 months in 1825, were discovered and reported in the Tennessean,  "Hidden Cemetery at Aquinas College," on September 6, 2016. The archaeological investigation has not been completed as of 10-10-2016.

Charles Bosley Cemetery 
Research into the Mt. Olivet Cemetery records, at Tennessee State Library and Archives, found re-burial of Charles Bosley and Eliza Bosley in Section 13 Lot 269, on February 18, 1911. The lot was owned by a Bosley descendant, Gertrude Bosley Bowling Whitworth.  Their names are inscribed on the Bosley monument in the lot.

From study of Charles Bosley records, it would appear that these family members also might have been buried in Charles Bosley Cemetery: 
       Daughter of Charles & Eliza Bosley: Mary Bosley died Feb. 3, 1825 
       Son of Charles & Eliza Bosley: Henry Bosley died April 1828
       Daughter of Charles & Eliza Bosley.:  Mary Eliza Bosley 1829-1845
       Charles Bosley, Jr., son of Charles & Eliza Bosley, May 8, 1821-Aug. 21, 1847
       Martha Carden Bosley, wife of Charles Bosley, Jr. died May 8, 1847
       Gertrude Bosley Bowling, wife of Powhattan, daughter of Charles & Martha Bosley, died Jan. 11,1863
Their names are not found in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery burial records.  The names of Charles Bosley, Jr., Martha Carden Bosley and Gertrude Bosley Bowling are inscribed on the Bosley monument in Section 13 Lot 269 along with the names of Charles and Eliza Bosley.

Beal Bosley Cemetery
Bosley family members were removed from the Beal Bosley Cemetery. Beal Bosley married Margery Shute on December 24, 1794. He wrote his will (Davidson County) October 11, 1850, stating that "one half acre of ground for a family burying ground was to remain as such forever."  Mt. Olivet Cemetery records, at Tennessee State Library & Archives, found that that Beal Bosley (died 1860) and his wife Margery (died 1851) and their children were re-buried in Section 1 Lot 120, on November 1, 1886. The lot was owned by Thomas Harding, husband of Elizabeth Bosley Harding who had been buried on this lot on March 7, 1886. Elizabeth was the daughter of Beal & Margery Bosley.
Research Ongoing.  Report by Fletch Coke 10-10-2016