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Bryan-Dillahunty Cemetery (Removed)

In January, 2002, John Dorroh, a descendant of the Bryan & Dillahunty families contacted the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project about a family cemetery off Highway 100, on Collins Road.   He understood that the graveyard had been destroyed about 1957.
Cemetery surveyors visited the suggested cemetery site in June, 2002.  In the area where the graveyard was reported to have been located, there was no evidence of grave depressions or any remaining markers.
Local historians and neighbors have not been able to provide any additional information about the names of the persons buried in this cemetery.  Many people have confirmed destruction of the graveyard and markers. The nearest neighbor, now aged 90, had moved to the Pasquo area in 1935.  Her recollections of the cemetery, as told to John Dorroh, in 1996:
    “She did not remember any names on the stones or just how many stones there were, but there were about six or so.  She said that there were also some stone markers indicating where graves were located with no inscription on them.  Some of the markers were very tall.”
Evidence of the names of Bryan and Dillahunty in Pasquo:
     Clayton’s History of Davidson County, 1880, p. 372, states that those citizens taxed in District 14 in 1816 included Silas & James Dillahunty and Samuel Bryan.
     Sarah Foster Kelley, West Nashville: Its People and Envrions, published 1987, page 151, in discussion of the Dillahunty family wrote   “In 1821, Silas Dillahunty served as justice of the peace from the 14th District in the Pasquo community.  He and wife, the former Sally DeMoss, daughter of James and Zana Demoss, made their homeplace near Edney’s Meetinghouse and had a large family of ten children.  The will of Silas Dillahunty named eight children (Davidson County Will Book 9, page 304).
    According to John Dorroh, Samuel Bryan was a close neighbor of the Dillahuntys and involved in many land transactions with them.
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Report: 10-20-2003

Dan S. Allen, Archaeologist, reported information about removal of this cemetery.
     "I believe this to be a cemetery I relocated about 2000 for DuVall and Associates.  The cemetery was located in front of what is now (2009) the Kroger Store in Pasquo/Pasquotank near the intersection of Collins Road and Highway 100, and across the road, slightly north of the Barn Dinner Theatre.  I moved it to the side of the lot (south) of the Kroger store where it was greenspaced. I placed concrete survey markers at the head of each grave and those should still be there.  I found the cemetery in the front yard of a red brick house that was later razed to build Kroger."

This cemetery had been listed as "Lost."  From the information provided by Dan S. Allen, Archaeologist, the cemetery will now be listed "Bryan-Dillahunty (Removed) Cemetery.

Additions to Bryan-Dillahunty Cemetery website listing.  6-29-2013