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Clover Bottom Development Center Cemetery


Clover Bottom Development Center opened in 1923 as a working farm called the "Tennessee Home & Training School for Feeble Minded Persons."  In the 1970's, the number of residents peaked at 1,563.  A cemetery was opened soon after the institution was established.  There were 250 pre-planned grave plots.

During November 2012, archaeologist Dan S. Allen, IV., performed a survey and mapping project at the Clover Bottom Development Center Cemetery in the Donelson community.  The project was undertaken at the request of Steve Rick, Principal of Street Dixon Rick Architecture, for the benefit of the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  The survey revealed a minimum of 185 burial locations.

The names of those buried in the Clover Bottom Cemetery are confidential and have not been released by the State of Tennessee. 

Report.  August 13, 2013