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Cockrill, John and Ann (Removed) Cemetery

The home and family cemetery of John & Ann Cockrill were located in the present-day area of Centennial Park, West End Avenue. Their graves were removed from the family cemetery to Nashville City Cemetery in 1911.
A bronze plaque on large granite stone in Centennial Park reads:
Ann Robertson Cockrill. Near this spot stood the home of John
Cockrill and his wife, Ann Robertson Cockrill, sister of General
James Robertson. Born in North Carolina, on February 10, 1757,
Ann Robertson came to the Cumberland Settlement with Donelson’s
flotilla early in 1780. Here she organized a school for the pioneers’
children, thus becoming Nashville’s first school teacher. Also she
organized and taught Nashville’s first Sunday School class. She
died here on October 15, 1821, and is buried in the City Cemetery.
[Erected by the School Children of Nashville and Davidson County
and the Tennessee Historical Commission, 1946]
At the Nashville City Cemetery, two plaques cover the two stone slabs
of Ann and John Cockrill:
Ann Cockrill
Formerly Ann Robertson
Born 10th February 1757
Departed this life
October 13th 1821 (death day differs from above plaque)
John Cockrill
Born 19th December
Departed this life
11th April 1837
Report: 10-20-2003