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Compton, William Cemetery

OH-39:  NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.  Original location Hillsboro Pike
According to Clayton’s History of Davidson County,  published in 1880,  William Compton arrived in Nashville in 1782, and at first rented land from Captain John Rains.  After his marriage to Susan Mullen, in 1799, Compton acquired land along Hillsboro Pike, which grew from 150 acres to 1000 acres at the time of his death. The Comptons had seven children.  One of the children, Henry W. Compton, lived at the old home place (south of present day Harding Place). This property was illustrated in Clayton’s history, following page 442.  In the illustration, the reader will notice that a family graveyard was located to the side of the mansion.  This house was destroyed by fire on November 22, 1931. 
Another son of William and Susan (Mullen) Compton was Felix Compton.   His farm was also on Hillsboro Pike (north of present day Harding Place).  According to Clayton’s history, Felix Compton was “buried in the old family burying-ground by the side of his parents.”    A. M. Burton purchased the former Felix Compton land in 1920, and for 50 years the house on the property was known as the Compton-Burton Residence.  Today, the house no longer exists and the property has been developed as Burton Hills.
The records of Mt. Olivet Cemetery show that Lot 55  Section 14 was purchased in the name of “Mrs. E. G. Compton” on May 27, 1895.  To this lot were transferred from the family graveyard and re-interred at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, on October 21, 1896, these family members:  Felix Compton, Mattie Compton, John Webster Compton, Cordelia Norwood Compton.    Emily G. Compton,  the wife of Felix Compton,  was buried on this lot on April 25, 1904.
Family descendants of Henry W. Compton are studying the re-interment history of William and Susan Compton as well as Henry W. Compton and his family.  As this information becomes available,  it will be added to the history of the William Compton Cemetery.
Report.  4-16-2004