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Deaderick, George M. Cemetery (Lost)

Original location:  Franklin Pike  (present-day Melrose area)
George Michael Deaderick died in 1816.  The estate of the late George M. Deaderick was sold to Joseph and Robert Woods in a Davidson County Deed written November 17, 1824, and registered December 24, 1824.  The deed included this “reservation” for the family cemetery:
Containing two hundred and forty five areas of land excluding and reserving
one fourth of an acre reserved by the said George M. Deaderick, deceased,
in his will for a grave yard including the graves now in the garden,
the said Deaderick in the center of said reservation.
In a Tennessean Magazine article, dated July 29, 1973, Louise Davis wrote about George Michael Deaderick and about the future First American National Bank to be constructed on Deaderick Street in downtown Nashville.  In this article was a description of what had become of the Deaderick Cemetery.
   “…All trace of Deaderick is gone.  Fortune, family, home and grave have vanished.  But in the 1890s when Deaderick’s old house was in caring hands, the family graveyard that he had set aside for the burial of many members of the family was still visible.  Even then relatives wrote, Deaderick’s tombstone was ‘covered with moss, ivies and decayed leaves, and the stone is crumbling. The only legible inscription on it is the name: George Michael Deaderick, President of the Bank of Nashville.’    When Interstate Highway 65 clipped off part of the hill back of Deaderick’s old home a few years ago, bulldozer operators had no idea whose bones they had shoved out of their graves…”
According to The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture, published in 1998,
“George M. Deaderick was the wealthiest Nashvillian of his time, was a wholesale merchant, real estate dealer and pioneer banker… He founded the first bank in Tennessee, the Nashville Bank in 1807…”  To learn more about George M. Deaderick, visit the web site of the  Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture.
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Historical information on the Woods family sent by Sarah Armistead

Joseph and Jane Woods were living in the old Deaderick house in 1818.  Robert Woods and Sarah West were married there in June 1818.  In 1824 the Woods family bought the property from the George Deaderick estate. When the Robert Wood's family increased and Joseph Wood's family did not, they swapped houses. Then Robert Woods became the owner of "Westwood."   Later the property belonged to Julia Woods Foster, youngest daughter of Robert Woods, and her husband Robert C. Foster.  He died in 1870 and she died in 1890.  "Westwood" passed out of family hands in 1900.  According to Mt. Olivet Cemetery Interment records, Robert Woods and six other family graves were moved to Mt. Olivet on November 28, 1908.  From the Deaderick-Woods family cemetery, other graves were not removed including George Deaderick and his family members as well as Catherine C. Abeel, a 21 year old young lady from Philadelphia, who died while she was living at "Westwood" and attending school in Nashville. She was buried in the family cemetery. These graves were destroyed during the construction for the Highway I-65. 

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