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Donelson-Hutchings Cemetery (Removed)

GO-33: NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.  Original site of the cemetery was on Gallatin Pike.
A descendant of Thomas Hutchings sent information on the Donelson-Hutchings Cemetery (Removed).   In this report, dated January 8, 2001:
     “Thomas Hutchings married Catherine Donelson, daughter of  John and Rachel (Stockley) Donelson.  At the time of his death, he was buried next to his mother-in-law Rachel Stockley Donelson.  The graves were both originally at what was called for many years called “the old McHenry Home,” at the present day intersection of Myatt Drive and Gallatin Pike.  This cemetery was very small, only 4 or 5 graves.  Mrs. Donelson’s grave was moved to the Hermitage in November of 1948.  The rest of the graves were moved only a few years ago, in 1986 or 1987.  The church in front of the old cemetery was the “Rivergate Church of Christ.’  That church was moved in 1988 and the graves were moved 1 or 2 years before that.”
Hermione Embry, compiler of a Listing of Davidson County Cemeteries,in Ansearching News, 1963,  reported on this cemetery:
    “Church of Christ Graveyard, Gallatin Road, established 1794. 2 graves. Rachel Stockley Donelson, born in Virginia 1715, died 1794. Her husband, Col. John Donelson was killed in Kentucky in 1785.  Rachel Stockley Donelson was the mother of Rachel Donelson who married Andrew Jackson.  This churchyard was part of Donelson land. William Goode, died June 10, 1828, age about 50 years.”
In the Banner, April 24, 1933, a monument was unveiled to Rachel Stockley Donelson by the DAR in the graveyard.  This monument was removed to the churchyard at the old Hermitage Presbyterian Church in 1948.  Return to the Home Page, click-on “Donelson Family Cemetery” in the Cemeteries listing for the inscription on the monument.
More research is required on the history of this cemetery and the removal of graves.
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Report. 2-22-2004