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Donelson, William "Ingleside" (Removed) Cemetery

Original Location.  The Donelson Cemetery was located on the William Donelson’s farm, “Ingleside,” which was north of Lebanon Road and west of the present-day Old Hickory Blvd. in Hermitage, Tennessee.  
Cemetery Removed.  In 1948, the graves from the Donelson family cemetery were re-interred to land adjoining the old Hermitage Presbyterian Church, on the grounds of The Hermitage.  For more information on this removal, visit Donelson Family Cemetery (HE-18) on the Davidson County Cemetery Survey web site.
In May, 2003, P. Duncan Callicott presented a copy of an original manuscript from the collection of Mrs. Betty M. Donelson, to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project.  The letter by Mrs. Donelson provides pertinent information about persons who were buried in the Donelson Cemetery and reads as follows:
      July 20, 1899                            Ingleside
Dear Mrs. Dorris,
I owe you an apology for not answering sooner, but
here in you will find the list you requested me to copy.
             Very Truly,
            Bettie M. Donelson
   {Note. Mrs. Mary Dorris was on the Board of the Ladies Hermitage Association}
    {Note: Bettie M. Donelson was Mrs. William Donelson}
1   Purnell Donelson
2   Perkins
3   Susan Eastin & sister
4   Capt. John Donelson
5   Miss Mary J. Donelson
6   William Eastin
7   Mrs. Mary Donelson
8   Mrs. Catherine Martin
9   Anna Handy Martin
10 Mrs. Emily T. Donelson
11 Miss Rachel J. Martin
12 Lewis J. Randolph
13 James G. Martin
14 Mrs. Mary D. Currey (removed)
15 Phila A. Donelson
16 Lawrence Donelson
17 -18-19 Markhan & two daughters – no relation
20 Mrs. Elizabeth A. Donelson
21 Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson
22 Mrs. Burton
23 Mrs. Tucker
24 Katie Donelson
Verbatim copy from Mrs. Andrew J. Donelson’s record of the new grave yard.  In the old one, repose the remains of Gen. Jackson’s adopted son’s father & mother {Mr. & Mrs. Severn Donelson}, Uncle Billy’s first wife who was his cousin, Miss Rachel Donelson & others.
                                          (End of Mrs. Bettie M. Donelson’s letter)
Nashville Banner, Sunday, June 22, 1930, page 15
“Donelsons’ Part in History of Tennessee,”  by M. B. Morton
      Andrew Jackon Jr.’s parents (Andrew Jackson, Jr. was the adopted son Rachel and Andrew Jackson),  Mr. & Mrs. Severn Donelson, are buried on the Ingleside farm, owned by Mrs. Bettie M. Donelson, and joining the Confederate Soldiers Home and The Hermitage tracts.  Their remains were recently removed to this location from the old  Severn Donelson graveyard.”
Report: 10-20-2003