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Dozier, Kate Hooper Cemetery

Cemetery surveyors visited near the site of the Kate Hooper Dozier Cemetery on March 29, 2001. At the time of their visit, a logging operation was taking place on the hillside, across from Rivermont Farm, where the graveyard was supposed to be located. Large trees were being cut and carried away on trucks. The cemetery surveyors talked to one truck driver who said that one of the lumberjacks had reported seeing two graves on the hill. No access was permitted to the public to visit the hillside graveyard.
On December 31, 2002, Fletch Coke talked to Jean Sexton, local historian, about the two graves on this hillside. Ms. Sexton reported that 25 years ago, she had seen the two graves. There was an iron fence around the graves. Concrete covered the graves. According to Jean Sexton, the names of the two people buried in this cemetery:
Kate Hooper Dozier
Emmett Dozier, son of Kate Hooper Dozier
Report: 10-20-2003