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Edgefield Cemetery

        Original Location at Vaughn (now Eastland) & Porter

In August 2003, Edgefield Cemetery was brought to the attention of the Davidson County Cemetery Survey by a relative to some persons who might have been buried in there.  According to this informant, her great-grandparents Gilbert and Mariah Darling lived in Edgefield from 1865 to 1870. . They had two babies who died in Edgefield during this time.  

In January 2004, at the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Fletch Coke located the Legislative Resolution, Charter of Incorporation from the State of Tennessee, signed in 1858. The following is a partial transcript of this document.”

“Section 8.    Be it further enacted, That  Neil S. Brown, A.V.S. Lindsley,  J.B.White, W.L. Foster, Nicholas Hobson and T. B. Hamlin, their associates and successors be and they are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate under the name and style of the Edgefield Cemetery Company, to have perpetual succession, may sue and be sued, contract and be contracted with, plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended in all courts of law, may have a common seal which they may change or alter at pleasure, may establish such by laws, rules and regulations as they may deem proper for the government of said corporation, provided that the same shall be consistent with this charter and the laws of this State and the Constitution and laws of the United States. That said corporation shall have power to purchase and hold a tract or tracts of land not exceeding two hundred acres to be located on the north side of the Cumberland river, not more than five miles from the city of Nashville, to be used a Cemetery or burying ground forever.  That all the powers, benefits, privileges and immunities conferred upon the Mt. Olivet Cemetery by an Act passed Feb. 18th 1856, be and the same are hereby conferred upon the Edgefield Cemetery Company.”


In January 2004, Jack Zuccarello sent a newspaper article to the Cemetery Survey:

 Nashville Daily Gazette, Tuesday, February 4, 1862.  Edgefield Cemetery

     This beautiful burying place is located at the

     junction of the Porter and Vaughn Turnpikes.

     There are about fifteen acres nearly enclosed

     with new plank fence. Part of this ground has

     been used for over forty years as a place for bury-

     ing and is regarded by the citizens of Edgefield as

     a very suitable place for the dead.  Ground will be

     sold in this Cemetery for 5 cents a foot.  A plan

     of lots will soon be completed and left at all the

     undertakers for exhibition.

Report. 3-12-2004                          

Research continues on this cemetery.  Persons with additional information about the Edgefield Cemetery are invited to send an email to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey website.

Update Report.  August 12, 2013