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Edgefield Junction Cemetery (Under Study)


A email inquiry to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey website was received from Kevin Walker in September 2011.  Mr. Walker was seeking the burial site for William Lawrence Walker, aged 10,  brother of his grandfather, who was killed in a railroad accident in 1908. Since that time, research into deeds, death certificates and maps has not found this cemetery. Death Certificates have identified a number of people buried at the turn of the 19th to 20th century at Edgefield Junction cemetery.   Even an exploratory trip to the area by Mr. Walker did not result in discovery of the cemetery location.  The search goes on.

Certificate of Death City of Nashville
William Lawrence Walker  Male White Born May 10, 1897  Died March 25, 1908 at City Hospital
Parents W.L.Walker and Lula Wills Talley Walker.  
Died Hemorrhage following railroad accident severing leg.
Burial  March 25, 1908  Edgefield Junction, Tenn.  Undertaker McCombs

Persons with information about the site of the Edgefield Junction cemetery are invited to send an email to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey website.

Report.   August 12, 2013