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Edgeville Benevolent No. 2 Cemetery


Relocation of the graves, by professional archaeologists, took place in 1997.  The remains were removed from the original burial site and re-interred in a different area of the property. 

According to an article in the Tennessean,  April 5, 1997,  the archaeologist stated that the burials had taken
place between 1872 and the 1930's.  In 1872, the cemetery had been deeded to the Edgeville Benevolent Society Number 2.

Holman Milhous reported that only the names of seven people buried at the cemetery are known. The names listed were as follows:

ARMSTRONG, MARY  (no dates)

HARRIS, MANDY  Aug. 17, 1871 – Dec. 1904

LESTER, WILLIAM Sept. 23, 1896 – March 18, 1911

McCLAIN, RACHIEL Died July 8, 1898, aged 79 years

(Organizer of the Benevolent Society No. 2 and President for 23 years)


ROBERTSON, TOM  Aug. 15, 1875 – Oct. 28, 1948

TILLEY, J. F. (no dates) Died at 66 years

UPDATE REPORT:  1-5-2008

Information was sent by Dan S. Allen.  Mr. Allen was the archaeologist in charge of the re-location of graves at the Edgeville Benevolent Society No. 2 Cemetery during 1997.
  "The 500 graves were relocated to the northern corner of the tract at the top of the hill. Less than ten graves had formal surface markers.  The graves were re-interred with concrete property corner markers on each grave."

Addition to Edgeville Benevolent Society No. 2 Cemetery website listing.  6-14-2013