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Edmondson Cemetery

Edmondson Cemetery, Davidson County, Tennessee

The names of those buried in the Edmondson Cemetery were recorded by Mrs. Sadie Overton and Mrs. Lucy Burnley in the 1980’s.  On July 9, 2003, Mrs. Burnley gave permission to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project to list the names of those buried in the Edmondson Cemetery on the Davidson County Cemetery Survey web site.  Mrs. Overton is deceased.
The names of those buried in the Edmondson Cemetery:
Dixie Cannon
Lizzie Cannon
Laura Whitlow Carter
Anna L. Caruthers
John Caruthers
Nick Dalton
Robert Davis
William Davis
Selley Dew
Bob Edmondson
Frank Edmondson
Green Edmondson
Sarah Edmondson
Robert Edmondson, Jr.
Hanna Glenn
Addie Goens
Birdie Goens
Josephine Goens
Sam Goens
Birdie H. Goens
Katherine Hight Guthrie
George Harris
Mary Harris
Alice Hight
Gene Hight
Clarence Hyde
Eunice Hyde
Luella White Jobe
Andrew “Bub” Jordan, Jr.
AN-73 Edmondson Cemetery, continued
Candace Jordan
Tennie Kinnard
Elizabeth Hight Lindsley
Fred Malone
Jennie Maxwell
Dennis Nelson
Sarah Nelson
Rosie Nolen
Jennie Osborne
Griffin Owens
Jake Owens
Janie Owens
Sara Owens
Annie L. Patterson
Bob Patterson
Ben Peck
Willie Peck
Frank Petway, Sr.
Frank Petway, Jr.
John Aarat Primm
Nannie Primm
Reba Sadler
Mary Scales
Eunice Whitlow Smith
Louis Sullivan
Helen Sullivan
Joe Taylor
Teenie Taylor
William Taylor
Ben Watson, Sr.
Ben Watson
Alma Whitlow
Annie Mae White
Carry White
Inez White                                      Clayborne Willams
Albert Whitlow                               Dora Williams
Delbert Whitlow         
Geneva Sadler Whitlow                 
Mary Alice Whitlow
Report: 10-18-2003
Research Information.
The House of the Lord, by Sadie Whitlow Overton, 1997, pages 117-118. 
The information about the Deed for the Edmondson Cemetery has been given below.
Deed for Edmondson Cemetery
Number 8300           Recorded July 3, 1944
Willie M. Davis
To Alfred Whitlow, et als.
Release Deed to Edmondson Cemetery
To Alfred Whitlow, Delbert Whitlow
And Moses Goen, Trustees
Whereas the cemetery for colored people herein below referred to has been recognized and honored for nearly 200 years past; and
Whereas on July 11, 1916, a deed was made to myself Willie M. Davis and my sister Hattie Davis for a tract of land of 56 7/8 acres, lying on the south or east side of the Edmundson Turnpike in Davidson County, Tennessee; which tract of land is fully described in the deed made to me and my sister Hattie Davis, July 11, 1916, and of record in Book 489, page 198, of the Registers Office of Davidson County, Tennessee, reference to which is here made; and
Whereas said deed to me and my sister Hattie Davis contain the words “including and excluding 2 1/8 acres in graveyard; and whereas said words as to the graveyard referred to this old and honored Edmundson Colored Cemetery which is within the bounds of said 56 7/8 acres, and
Whereas my sister Hattie Davis died, testate, and willed to me her interest in said farm of 56 7/8 acres, so that I am now the sole owner of said farm; and
Whereas the colored people of the neighborhood prefer some paper or deed of record by which to continue, secure and perpetuate their right to use said graveyard and cemetery, and the right to go into and come out from the same; and whereas I, Willie M. Davis have always respected and honored the people who have used said graveyard, and desire that the neighborhood folks should continue to use the same and have the right of ingress and egress to and from the same; therefore now I, Willie M. Davis, unmarried do now and hereby, as far as I have the power so to do, dedicate and rededicate said graveyard and cemetery as a burying ground for the colored people of the neighborhood; and being informed that Alfred Whitlow, Delbert Whitlow, and Moses Goen, are respectable and highly honored citizens of the neighborhood interested in said graveyard, and well worth to be trusted for its care and keep, I therefore hereby release transfer and convey unto the said Alfred Whitlow, Delbert Whitlow and Moses Goen, as trustees for said Edmundson Cemetery and to their successors as trustees to be named by them, or those of them who survive, and in case no successor should be named then to the heirs at law of said persons, the said graveyard or cemetery lot, which lot or graveyard lies along the easterly or southeasterly back line of my said 56 7/8 acre farm; it fronting 315 feet on my said back line and running northward or eastward or westward toward the said Edmundson Pike, between parallel lines 315 feet, the said graveyard or cemetery being 315 feet square; and that lot is the graveyard that I hereby dedicate and rededicate for use as a graveyard forever; and I also hereby declare and convey for the use of the patrons of said graveyard a right of way to go into the same, and to come out.  There is now a road or passageway to said graveyard from Edmundson Pike that has been used. I now declare that the patrons of said graveyard shall have the right perpetually to go into said graveyard from the Edmondson Pike through my said farm and to come out again, but I declare and reserve the right to myself and my heirs and assigns to move to another place or some other place as time and convenience may seem best to us the passageway from said Edmundson Pike to said graveyard.  The patrons shall have a right of ingress and egress, but only through such right of way or passway as  I or my heirs or assigns may designate in the future.  Said trustees are paying for the expense of this and this fact and my high regards for the folks who are buried in said graveyard or who may later be buried there are my considerations for making this deed of dedication and release.
            This June 24, 1944
                                                Miss Willie M. Davis
Addition to Edmondson Cemetery web site listing.  August 2004.