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Edney Cemetery

BE-60: NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.  Original site of the cemetery was on Harding Pike (today called Highway 100)
Clayton’s History of Davidson County, Tennessee, published in 1880.
Page 75. Going out Harding Pike.  “Crossing the Harpeth (River) you came to ‘Edney’s Meetinghouse’ at Tank, where all the neighborhood gathered to hear Rev. Mr. Edney, a Methodist minister as early as the year 1812.”
Page 325.  Recollections of Col. Willoughby Williams.  “Newton Edney conveyed to Levin Edney, Aquila Sugg and William Roach a lot on which a church was erected.”
Edythe Rucker Whitley Collection, Tennessee State Library & Archives
From research file entitled  “Subject --- Edney Family” circa 1955.
            “Edney Chapel named for the Edney family.  Edney Chapel, an old Methodist Church at Pasquo (used to be also called Tank), Davidson County, near Williamson County line.  The old church stood on lands adjoining that now used by the Pasquo Church of Christ and their Cemetery.  There was an old graveyard there on the hill, almost all signs gone now of such.  Years ago (1930s) I found some broken tombstones there but all are gone now.  Years ago when I first went there were signs of the old graveyard,  some rocks indicating graves, no inscriptions. This was the oldest church site in that neighborhood.  It was built around 1800.  The church was moved to a location about one mile beyond Pasquo toward Centerville (Hickman County) on a hill where it stood for a number of years…”
Information regarding the Edney Cemetery was sent to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project in February 2005, by Jack Zuccarello.   Investigation is ongoing for the original location and history of the Edney Cemetery.  In Whitley’s research file mention was made to a cemetery at the Pasquo Church of Christ.  To view the inscriptions in this cemetery, return to the Home Page and click-on “Cemeteries” for Pasquo Church of Christ Cemetery tombstones.

SURVEY REPORT.  March 2, 2005

Martha Fowlkes sent family history to Davidson County Cemetery Survey website.  September 2011
Her mother was an Edney from the family of Newton R. Edney and his son Edmond Edney who fought in the War of 1812.  Newton Edney had given the land for the Edney Chapel.  His brother Levin Edney was a Methodist preacher at the Edney Chapel.  This information was given to Bob Allen, with the Bellevue Cemetery Project, who contacted Martha Fowkles to tell her of the discovery of the long lost Edney Cemetery.  

More details will be added when available.

Update Report.  August 13, 2013