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Frierson-Voorhies Cemetery

Frierson-Voohries Cemetery, Davidson County, Tennessee

According to a family descendant of persons buried in the Frierson-Voorhies Cemetery, the cemetery land, long ago, had belonged to George Borris.  He allowed people to be buried there.  Mr. Borris was buried there.  The cemetery once backed up to the Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church on Frierson Street.   
This cemetery is identified on the Metro Planning Commission web site with a Map & Parcel ID and listed as “Cemetery.”  There is another cemetery farther up the hill which is identified “Voorhies Cemetery” on the Metro Planning Commission Map & Parcel ID survey map. 
In 1981, there was damage in the cemetery caused by construction development.  At that time, the cemetery was surveyed and was found to be 78 feet wide and 225 feet long.  There were ten marked tombstones, including Friersons and Voorhies, and there may have been as many as 133 unmarked graves.  In 1981, after this damage occurred, some improvements were made on the site.  Cemetery Surveyor Volunteers visited this cemetery in 1999, and found the graveyard to be totally overgrown, making entry impossible.  On September 18, 2002, Volunteers returned and saw that there had been some clearing of the cemetery and survey stakes had been placed.  Inquiry was made at a nearby business where it was learned that the property had been purchased and the new owners were planning to construct a building.  
This situation was immediately reported, on September 18, 2002, to the State Archaeologist.  Investigation by the State Archaeologist was undertaken and the owners were advised about the protection and preservation of cemeteries as authorized by the laws of the State of Tennessee.
Report.  4-16-2004