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Gleaves, Benjamin/ Gleaves, Felix Cemetery (Lost)

HE-34; NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.  Original site of cemetery was on Central Pike.

Benjamin Gleaves Cemetery has also been called Felix Gleaves Cemetery. The exact original location of this cemetery is unknown. 

Lori Sellers, Cemetery Survey Volunteer and William Gleaves, provided some history of this cemetery.
     Felix Gleaves built a house on Central Pike which he sold to his nephews Richard and John Bell Gleaves.  The house remained in the Gleaves family until 1967.  There was a Gleaves graveyard on the land. In 1986, the house was razed.  Long time residents of the area have reported that the cemetery was never moved.  The tombstones were destroyed.  The possible location of the family graveyard was between a mini mall and the Suburban Lodge Motel. (2005).

Since 2005, no additional information about this family cemetery has been received by the Davidson County Cemetery Survey website.

Updated Report.  7-13-2013