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Gleaves, James Burial Site (Lost)

NW-49:  NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.  Original site of this cemetery was near Brick Church Pike, four miles north of Nashville.
Secondary sources have related that
                 James Gleaves died of congestive fever
                 June 29, 1841, at 23 years
and that he was buried in a cemetery near Brick Church Pike and Love’s Road, four miles north of Nashville. 
In February 2005, the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project referred questions about the burial site for James Gleaves, to Fran Nichols, local Gleaves historian, who in turn referred these questions to Dennis Gleaves, Gleaves Family Historian.  These historians are working toward the Gleaves Family Reunion in Nashville during the summer of 2005. 
The burial site for James Gleaves is being posted on the Davidson County Cemetery Survey web site in hopes that some of the Gleaves descendants who plan to attend reunion may have more data about the burials in the cemetery.  Investigation is ongoing to locate the original site of this graveyard.   

Possible Location.  Sent by Alice Hix to Fran Gleaves Nichols:
    Using an old topozone map and a current goggle map, the burial site might have 
    been at Loves Church, near Brick Church Pike, in an area known as Lovesville. 

Anyone with additional information, please send an email to the website. 

Addition to James Gleaves Burial Site (Lost) website listing.   6-24-2013