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Hamilton (Stewarts Ferry Pike) Cemetery

Hamilton Cemetery, Davidson County, Tennessee

Cemetery surveyors visited the Hamilton Cemetery on November 12, 2002. The cemetery was enclosed by a stone wall. Two marked footstones and the bases of two headstones were visible in the cemetery.
The land, where the cemetery is located, was the property of the Eleazar Hamilton family in the 19th century. Eleazar Hamilton was born in 1793 and died in 1871. Emily Hamilton, his wife, died in 1895. The property was sold, following the death of Emily Hamilton, in 1896, to L. B. Castleman who lived there with his family until 1984.
On the day of the cemetery site, November 12, 2002, the two marked footstone inscriptions:
One footstone was marked "E.H."
One footstone was marked "E.H"
The bases of the two headstones were intact. The tops of the headstones were missing.
Report: 10-20-2003
Janet K. Tandy, a great great great granddaughter of Eleazar Hamilton, sent information to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project on September 2, 2005, from family records about the people buried in the Hamilton Cemetery.  On November 12, 2002, when Davidson County Cemetery surveyors visited the cemetery, there were only two marked footstones were in place.   (Note: correct spelling of Mr. Hamilton’s name as “Eleazar”)
According to Janet Tandy, family historian, “This small private graveyard, just north of the Hamilton House, was reserved when the property was sold in 1896.  Also reserved  was another graveyard at the back of the house where many of the Negroes and their descendants were buried.  This information is from a family history compiled by Catherine Hamilton, based on research conducted during her summer vacations in the 1940s and 1950s.  Catherine (1875-1963) was the daughter of Henry Clay Hamilton, one of the ten sons of Eleazar and Emily Hamilton.  A history of the Hamilton house can be found in A Past Remembered, by Paul Clements, 1987.”
Missing Headstones (2002)
Eleazar Hamilton, Jr.
Oct. 10, 1793 – Nov. 5, 1871
Aged 78 Years
Emily Perry Hamilton
May 29, 1807
July 31, 1895
Aged 88
Additions to Hamilton Cemetery website listing.  April 2006