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Hewitt-Childress (Removed) Cemetery

Original Location. In the area of present-day 51st Avenue North and Nebraska Avenue, according to historical information sent by Sarah Foster Kelley to Fletch Coke, on June 26, 2000. Judge Robert Hewitt and his wife Anna (Shute) Hewitt lived on this property until their deaths. Mrs. Hewitt died in 1814 and Judge Hewitt in 1837. Their daughter Emily Hewitt married Edwin Hicks Childress in 1817. They lived at her father’s house. Emily Childress died in 1844 and her husband in 1865.
Cemetery Removed. The tombstones were visible in 1900. According to Sarah Foster Kelley, the members of the Hewitt and Childress families were re-interred at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
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Report. 10-10-2003