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Hows, Squire John


Cemetery Survey Volunteers visited the area several times during 2001, and were not able to locate the graveyard. In Harpeth Gleanings,

Volume 1, Winter 1981, Bellevue Historical Society publication, it was reported that the John Hows Cemetery "is in a bad state of repair, practically no care, cows are allowed to roam and the markers have been pushed over." In 2002, Marie M. Garland sent in the inscriptions for this cemetery which were recorded by her and Carol M. Parrish on December 19, 1979.

"Cox, M.A.R. No dates. Small marker

Hows, Squire John Hows Born May 17, 1811 Died Nov. 13, 1888

Hows, Katherine D., wife of John Hows Born Oct. 16, 1820 Died Sept. 16, 1894

Hows, G. M. Born Apr. 11, 1884 Died Mar 25, 1907

Hows, J. T. Born June 26, 1878 Died July 10, 1908

Sneed, Millie C., wife of Thomas Sneed Born Feb. 4, 1850 Died July 19, 1873

More graves with broken stones, some with no stones and many stones not able to read."

Persons with additional information about Squire John Hows graveyard, Morton Mill Road, Bellevue Quadrangle, please return to the home page, click on "Report a Cemetery" and send an email.

Report. 12-9-2002