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Hays, W. S. Cemetery

HE-63.  NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.  East of Tulip Grove Road

This cemetery is identified on the Metro Planning Commission Map & Parcel ID system as a "Mortuary/Cemetery" and is located east of Tulip Grove Road and south of Chandler Road.

In 2005, this cemetery was visited by Cemetery Survey Volunteers.  Eight fieldstones without inscriptions were located.  The cemetery was listed as Unnamed Cemetery.  Later this cemetery was thought to be the "Zach T. Hays Cemetery" but that was incorrect.

In 2013, Lynn Hagar, family historian, sent extensive genealogical information about the Hays family who lived in what-is-now the Tulip Grove Road area.  See Zach T. Hays Cemetery for the listing of possible burials in this family graveyard. 

According to Lynn Hagar, this cemetery, located on the land owned by W. S. Hays, should be called "W. S. Hays Cemetery."   

Maps and site plans, with genealogical information on the Hays family in the Hermitage area, sent by Lynn Hagar, in 2013, have been placed in the Zach T. Hays Cemetery Research File at Metro Archives.

Updated Report:  7-16-2013