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Maclin, Col. John Tombstone




Original Location. Corner of Broad & 9th Avenue North

Tombstone Lost. In May, 2002, Metro Public Works advised Christ Church Cathedral, corner of Broad & 9th Avenue North, that new sidewalks were to be constructed along Broadway and Ninth Avenue. The Cathedral Archivist and Property Manager requested that careful examination be made for a tombstone of Col. John Maclin, which was described, in 1859, as being "near the lamp-post" at the "corner of Broad & McLemore Street" (now called 9th Avenue North). Historical research has not located a photograph of the exterior of the church, built in 1894, or pavement surrounding the building which shows a tombstone in the pavement. No tombstone was visible in the sidewalk in 2002. During June, 2002, prior to laying the new sidewalks, Metro Public Works carefully examined the area under the old pavement near the corner and did not find a tombstone.

Brief history of the corner of Broad & 9th Avenue North (formerly called McLemore): Fletch Coke, Archivist, Christ Church Cathedral. 2002.

The lot on which Christ Church Cathedral now stands was originally part of 240 acres granted, in 1794, by the State of North Carolina to the Trustees of Davidson Academy. By 1805, the land was divided into Lots. From 1815 until 1837, ten acres were owned by John C. McLemore. In 1843, Thomas Maney acquired 1 ½ acres, from McLemore’s ten acres, including the appurtenances (house & outbuildings), garden and stable lot, located on Broad and McLemore. In 1859, during the residency of Judge Thomas Maney and his family on this property, historian A.W. Putnam wrote in History of Middle Tennessee, "The headstone which used to stand at the grave of Col. John Maclin, now lies in the pavement, near the lamp-post, corner of Broad and McLemore Street."

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Report: 10-10-2002