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Maxwell, II, Jesse (Removed)

OH-45:  NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.  Original location South Davidson Co.
Jesse Maxwell II. lived on land settled by his father Jesse Maxwell.   Maxwell Hall adjoined the property of Judge John Overton at Travellers Rest.  Harriet, the daughter of Jesse Maxwell, II.,  married the son of Judge Overton.  The first wife of Jesse Maxwell, II., Martha Claiborne Maxwell,  died on March 26, 1845, and was buried in the family graveyard at Maxwell Hall.   Two years Jesse married Myra Rucker.  They continued to live at Maxwell Hall.  He died in 1856 and was buried in the family graveyard.  His second wife died during the Civil War.  In 1866, Annie Maxwell Claiborne, one of Jesse and Martha’s daughters, and her family lived at Maxwell Hall before the farm was rented.
On August 31, 1866, Mary Maxwell, daughter of Jesse and Martha Maxwell, purchased Lot 54  Section 3, in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.   The Interment Records of Mt. Olivet Cemetery show that on November 21, 1868, the remains of Jesse Maxwell, Martha Maxwell, and A.A. Claiborne (Infant) were “transferred from private grounds”  and buried on Lot 54 Section 3. 
Re-interred, Nov. 21, 1868, to Lot 54 Section 3  Mt. Olivet Cemetery  from Jesse Maxwell, II. Cemetery:
Jesse Maxwell, II.
Martha Maxwell
A. A. Claiborne, Infant
Later Interments on the Mary Maxwell Lot.  Lot 54  Section 3 Mt. Olivet Cemetery:
Harriet Claiborne. Aged 22.  Daughter of Annie M. & Thomas Claiborne.
     Buried April 18, 1882
Annie Maxwell Claiborne, sister of Mary Maxwell and wife of Thomas Claiborne
     Buried Oct. 7, 1902
Thomas Claiborne, husband of Annie Maxwell. Buried April 25, 1911
Mary Maxwell, Lot Owner. Aged 85.  Buried Oct. 7, 1914
Mary Maxwell Claiborne, (called Mollie). Aged 84. Daughter of Annie & Thomas
    Claiborne.  Buried Jan. 23,1940
Report: 3-12-2004