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McCutchen Cemetery

McCutchen Cemetery, Davidson County, Tennessee

BE-58:  Original Location in Davidson County, TN.  Now within boundary lines of  Williamson County, TN. Edinburgh Road
McCUTCHEN            Born: 1878       Died: 1879
Front Inscription: F. H. McCUTCHEN/ 1878 – 1879
McCUTCHEN            Born: 1866       Died: 1886
Front Inscription: C. E. McCUTCHEN/ 1866 – 1886
Front Inscription: McCUTCHEN/ R. P. McCUTCHEN/ 1834 – 1898/ HIS WIFE/ SALLIE H. VAUGHAN/ 1843 – 1914
Footstone: Yes Footstone Inscription: Father  Mother
BYRN             Born: 1868       Died: 1918
Front Inscription: MARTHA M. McCUTCHEN/ WIFE OF/ W. A. BYRN/ JAN. 23, 1868/ JUNE 10, 1918
On day of survey visit (4-29-2004), the cemetery was overgrown.  The cemetery was partially fenced and located to the rear of two properties in the subdivision
Research Information.
Directory of Williamson County, Tennessee Burials, published 1973, page 195.
      Information provided by Mrs. Joe Bowman.  Reported as buried in this cemetery were those persons listed above plus the following:
      McCutchen, Daniel   Age about 80 yrs.
      McCutchen, J. W. 1862 – 1913
      McCutchen, Samuel E. Sept. 2, 1824 – July 6, 1873
      McCutchen, Rachel, a faithful servant of the McCutchen family
      McCutchen, B.  Died Oct. 1861. Age 80 yrs.
·        Samuel McCutchen, pioneer settler, was granted 640 acres of land in Davidson County. McCutchen Cemetery and McCutchen-Byrn Cemetery, where Samuel 
      was buried,  are both in Williamson County, Tennessee (2004).
Research Information.
Steve Rogers, Tennessee Historical Commission, sent research information to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project on August 13, 2004. 
In 1979, the McCutchen house on this property was documented and photographed by the Tennessee Historical Commission.  Shortly after the photographs were taken, the house was razed.