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Miles, Bishop at St. Mary's Tomb

Bishop Richard Pius Miles Tomb is located inside St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows Catholic Church, at 330 Fifth Avenue North, Nashville. St. Mary’s is the oldest standing church in downtown Nashville. Dedicated as the first Catholic Cathedral in Nashville on October 31, 1847. In 1914, a new cathedral was built on West End Avenue and was named Cathedral of the Incarnation. St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows became a parish church, now referred to as "The Old Cathedral."
Information provided to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project by Nickie Lancaster on January 15, 2003.
St. Mary’s Church historical leaflet states:
February 21, 1860. Death of Bishop Richard Pius Miles. Bishop Miles was buried beneath the church after his death. In 1969, his body was exhumed and found to be perfectly preserved after 109 years of burial. Today his body lies at rest in an African teakwood box in the rear corner of St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows Church. Visitors
from all parts of the world continue to pray at the tomb of Bishop Miles.
Plaque on top of African teakwood box in which his coffin lies:
Richard Pius Miles, O. D.
First Bishop of Nashville
from 1837 - 1860
Born May 17, 1791
Died February 21, 1860
Report: 10-20-2003