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Moravian Cemetery (Lost)

In Early Travels in the Tennessee Country, 1540-1800,  written by Samuel Cole Williams and published in 1928, there is reference to a Moravian cemetery in the Whites Creek area of Davidson County.  On pages 510 & 511,  the visit of two Moravian brethen is described whereupon on December 2, 1799, they reported the following:
            “… We looked over (Frederick) Fisher’s plantation.  He has 100 acres,
              purchased from (Frederick) Stump for one dollar per acre.  It is a fine black
              soil… We saw also, his burial place.  It is located on a beautiful hill and there
              are already eight bodies, mostly those of children of acquaintances and young
              Feiser buried here.”
Davidson County Cemetery Survey appreciates the research being conducted by Bill Dahnke in investigating the history and possible location of the Moravian Cemetery. According to Mr. Dahkne, “young Feiser” was John Feiser, 1770-1799.
At the time of this report, the Moravian Cemetery must be considered “Lost.”
Persons with additional information about a Moravian cemetery in Whites Creek area, please return to the home page, click-on “Report A Cemetery” and send an email.
Report. 3-1-2004