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Newsom, Francis Cemetery

Cemetery surveyors visited the Francis Newsom Cemetery on January 14, 2003. The cemetery was enclosed by a stone wall, in poor condition, with a once-handsome entrance gate. The cemetery was totally covered over by fallen trees and branches. Broken vaults and tombstones could be seen through the debris. No inscriptions could be read on the grave markers.
Sarah Foster Kelley’s book West Nashville. Its People and Environs, published 1987, page 158, provides information on Francis Newsom:
Francis Newsom, who was a member of the Church of Christ, wed Priscilla Ward in Virginia. Near their home in Davidson County, the husband build a place of worship, which was mentioned in his will  (Will Book 13, p. 171). A stone fence had been constructed around the graveyard and the testator desired that tombstones be erected at his son’s grave as well as at his own, after his death. The little church was not doubt located at the cemetery. The children named in his will were: William D. Newsom who married Eliza Hamer Davis; Nancy Newsom who married James Morton; Betsy Newsom who married Abraham DeMoss; Fannie Newsom who married (1)Joshua Cloyd, (2) Samuel B. McConnico and Caroline Newsome who married Haysel Hewitt.
Harpeth Gleanings, Volume I, Winter 1981, pages 78 & 79, list the tombstone inscriptions in the Francis Newsom Cemetery. Information provided by Eilene M. Plummer.
In Memory of Davis M. ?
Eliza Davis ? (Newsom?)
William E. Newsom
Sacred to the Memory of Francis Newsom
who was born in May 1763,
and died in the year 1841 October 17th.
For many years a member of the Church of Christ
He was an honest man, the noblest work of God
and rests in Hope of a happy Immortality.
Sacred to the Memory of Priscilla Newsom
March 1765 - Oct. 2, 1848
A beloved member of the Church of Christ.
Always adding to her faith virtue, knowledge,
patience and Godliness, so that she was never ?
or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus.
Report: 10-20-2003