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Page-Harding Cemetery

OH-47:  NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.   Spring Hill Cemetery
Removal of the Page-Harding Cemetery took place from its location in Belle Meade to Spring Hill Cemetery, Madison, Tennessee, on January 31, 1916.  Records from Spring Hill Cemetery show ownership of Lot 71, Section M, in the name of “Giles Harding (heirs).”  Historical information about the cemetery was submitted to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey by Doug Page, descendant, during 2004.  

Archaeological investigation at the former site of the Page-Harding Cemetery has been undertaken to determine if there were additional graves, including the grave of Henrietta Mariah (Wilkes) Page.  At the writing of this summary report, the final results of this investigation are not known.  Information will be added when made available. 
Cemetery Survey Volunteers visited and recorded tombstones in Spring Hill Cemetery, on April 17, 2004, including Lot 71, Section M. 
Charlotte Morris/ Harding/ Born July 2, 1816/  Died June 11, 1835
Henry Perkins/ Harding/ Sept. 18, 1825/ Died/ May 8, 1848/ Aged 22 yrs. 7 months & 21 days
Alexander Waits/ Apr. 26, 1794/ May 1, 1850
Giles H. Page/ Born Aug. 27, 1792/ Aug. 12, 1850
Charlotte Harding/ Consort of/ Giles Harding/ Born Nov. 20, 1790/ Died Apr. 15, 1836
Sacred/ to/ the memory/ of/ Giles Harding/ Born/ June 30, 1784/ Jan. 7, 1843
Eliza Davis/ Harding/ Oct. 26, 1813/ Sept. 13, 1840
David Harding/ Born/ May 26, 1829/ Died/ July 1846/ Aged 17 years
George Harding/ Born Aug. 13/ 1818/ Died Dec. 25/ 1847
William M./ Son of Giles and Charlotte/ Harding/ Born February 2/ 1821/ Died December 29/ 1848
In Tombstone Inscriptions & Manuscripts,  compiled by Jeannette T. Acklen and published in 1933, the same tombstone inscriptions were recorded as listed above.