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Patterson, Milton A. (Removed) Cemetery

Patterson, Milton A. ‎(Removed)‎ Cemetery, Davidson County, Tennessee


Original Location. The present-day location of the Drury Inn on Donelson Pike near Interstate I-40.

Cemetery Removed. June 1999

On September 10, 2001, Doug Page, descendant of Milton A. Patterson, provided to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey historical information about the cemetery and its removal.

In June 1999, John Marchetti of Nashville, under the supervision of Nick Fielder, State Archaeologist, removed the Patterson Cemetery from the site for the construction of the Drury Inn. The graveyard was identified on the Nashville East Quadrangle topographical map. In the cemetery, one tombstone was found with the name and dates of Milton A. Patterson and 21 fieldstones were found for unknown burials. Re-interment took place at Maple View Cemetery, Smyrna, Tennessee.

At Maple View Cemetery, Smyrna, TN. there are two tombstones:

Milton A. Patterson

Born March 8, 1831

Died July 9, 1903


In Memory of 21 Unknown Graves moved from
the Patterson Cemetery, Donelson, TN.

According to family records, descendant Doug Page reported that his great great grandmother and two of her children were among those buried with fieldstones in the "old Patterson Graveyard on Donelson Pike."

Sarah Jane Exum Page
First Wife of George Hamilton Page
Married January 31, 1856
Died February 17, 1863

Ella Page                                                             George Green Page
Born February 14, 1857                                         Born August 14, 1860
Died November 5, 1859                                         Died June 6, 1863

Report: 10-10-2002

Doug Page submitted the Maple View Cemetery location of re-interred graves.
   Site of the graves and two markers at Maple View Cemetery, Smyrna, Tennessee.  In Smyrna, Jefferson Street becomes Maple Street and ends at the cemetery entrance.  The relocated graves are in the back left corner of the cemetery against a hedgerow.

Doug Page submitted family history information.
   At least three of the "Unknowns" are members of my family.  
       Sarah Jane (Exum) Page was the first wife of my great great grandfather George Hamilton Page. They were married January 31, 1856.  Their first child was Ella Page. Their second child was George Green Page.
       Ella Page was born February 14, 1857 and died November 5,1859.
       George Green Page was born August 14, 1860 and died June 6, 1863.
       Sarah Jane Page died on February 17, 1863, seven days after the birth of her third child. Her second child George Green Page died four months later on June 6, 1863.
       Family records state that she and both young children were buried in the "Old Patterson Graveyard off Donelson Pike."  Mr. John Marchetti confirmed finding the remains of two young children among the 21 Unknowns that he moved to Smyrna.
            (Prepared by Doug & Cathy Page. September 9, 2001)

Additions to Milton A. Patterson website listing.  6-12-2013