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Shane, Morris Cemetery

Shane, Morris Cemetery, Davidson County, Tennessee

Front Inscription: SARAH J/ DAU OF/  ED & M/ SMITH/ BORN
Front Inscription: MARY A/ DAU OF/ ED & M/ SMITH/ BORN

Re-visit to the cemetery. 12-26-2003.
Location of an additional tombstone.
    Sacred/ to the/ Memory of/ William Pennuel/
    Born 8 of Sep 1838/ Departed this/ life Nov 1839
Condition of the cemetery: Overgrown. Many grave depressions.
Many broken stones.  No visible tombstones for Morris or Phoebe Shane.
Historical Information
Provided by Debie Cox
November 2003
“Family tradition states that Morris Shane ran away from his home in Ireland when very young.  He is said to have sailed to the port of New Orleans and from there made his way up the Natchez Trace to the Cumberland settlements in Nashville.  He was listed in North Carolina records as being in the first group of 68 settlers still alive in 1784.  The first settlers had arrived by May of 1780.  Shane married Phoebe Castleman about 1785 and they were parents of at least 12 children… In 1790, Shane purchased 140 acres on Stones River from his father in law Jacob Castleman.  It was on the Stones River tract that Morris and Phoebe raised their family and lived out their lives. Morris died in 1821 and Phoebe died in 1836 and both were buried in the family cemetery on their property.”
Metro Archives.  Davidson County Court Loose Papers. Ca 1880-1905
“Be it ordered by the county court that the portion of the Hoggets (sic)Ferry Road from W. H. Binkleys gate, 4th district running 90 or 100 yards in the direction of old road bed be so changed as to protect the grave of Morris Shane said road having diverged so far from its original bed that it is encroaching upon his family grave and has already, almost, by the cutting of the wheels of vehicles exposed the coffin of Morris Shane an old pioneer of Davidson County… R. L. Haldy, J.P.”
Report. 3-2-2004

Additional Burial Information sent by Gloria McAbee on July 15, 2013

Family Members
Jacob Castleman  Born 1728 Died 8-21-1803
Eleanor Castleman Born Unknown  Died After 1803 (second wife of Jacob)
Jacob Castleman, Jr.  Born 1756  Died 1791 (Killed by Indians)  [son of Jacob]
Joseph Castleman  Born 1758  Died 1793 (Killed by Indians) [son of Jacob]
Morris Shane  Born 1760  Died 1821 [son-in-law of Jacob Castleman]
Phoebe Castleman Shane  Born 1771  Died 1836  [daughter of Jacob Castleman; wife of Morris Shane]
Jacob Shane  Born 1804 Died 1862  [son of Morris]
Lucinda Bowles Shane  Born 1805  Died 1836  [wife of Jacob Shane]
Rebecca Buchanan Shane  Born 1795  Died July 1852  [daughter of Morris]
Rhoda Shane Strong  Born 1799 Died 1875  [daughter of Morris]
Thomas Strong  Born 1798 Died 1862  [Husband of Rhoda]
Eleanor (Nellie) Shane  Born 1800 (twin) Died Dec. 1841  [daughter of Morris]
Nancy Shane Melvin  Born 1800 (twin)  Died 1872  [daughter of Morris]
William Melvin  Born 1795  Died 1836  [husband of Nancy]
Andrew Melvin  Born 1824 died 1877  [son of Nancy]
Cornelius Shane  Born 1812 Died 1836
{According to Mrs. Ruby Stephens Pirtle (1920-2000), cholera ravaged the neighborhood about 1836}

Friends & Neighbors
Sarah & Mary Smith were young daughters of Edward & Minerva Blair Smith
William Pennuel Born 9-8-1838 Died Nov. 1839 was young child of Alanson & Nancy Gibson Pennuel

Historical Information sent about Morris Shane by Gloria McAbee on July 15, 2013
Morris Shane was a Commissioner's Guard.   
Land Grant 320 acres, Grant No 84, dated July 10, 1788. Warrant No. 196 dated January 28, 1784. Surveyed
     December 19, 1785, Mouth of Kasper's Creek next to Henry Rule.
Land Grant No 57 Issued April 17, 1786. Warrant No. 291 dated February 16, 1784. Surveyed December 13, 1784,      Main West Fork of Kasper's Creek next to Simon Kirkindal.
Morris and Phoebe Shane were at the Battle of Buchanan's Station in September 1792.
Sworn Chain Carrier for Surveyor Daneil Smith on July 29, 1784, to help survey land for Ebenezer Titus, from 
     Daniel Johnson, on waters of Dry Creek on north side of the Cumberland River.
Assisted his father-in-law Jacob Castleman bury his sons who were killed on Stones River. Jacob Castleman's land was located on what-is-today Lebanon Pike near Stones River Bridge. His land meandered the river.
* Additions to Shane Cemetery website listing.  8-5-2013
Morris Shane Cemetery Restoration 2017 
Two Chapters of  the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, General Daniel Smiths Rock Castle Chapter and Fort Nashborough Chapter, were the project leaders.  Boy Scout Troop 333 from Hermitage and Charles Jarreau, Eagle Scout, were involved with clearing the overgrown graveyard.  Dan A. Allen, III., conducted the restoration during 2017. Mr. Allen located 37 graves in 9 rows, including the location of the graves of Morris Shane and his wife Phoebe Castleman Shane. In May 2017, Metro Historical Commission gave a Preservation Award to the Morris Shane restoration project. 

Update Report. November 2, 2018