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Stanmore Smith Cemetery (Removed)


Cemeteries located on Berry Field Property

The General Superintendent of Airports of the Department of Aviation for the City of Nashville has certified to the Department of Aviation and the City of Nashville that:

It is necessary for the continuation and expansion of the Nashville Municipal Airport, know as Berry Field, that the eight (8) private cemeteries now located thereon, be removed to an appropriate place of interment. Each of said private cemeteries or burial grounds lie either in a location which will be completely covered by earth-fill or by terminal or other type of construction, or else lies in an area from which earth fill must be removed for new construction at the airport. There is no suitable area within the Nashville Municipal Airport boundaries where such private cemeteries or burial grounds might be moved and from which they might have to be moved again.

Your complainant, therefore, avers that it is essential that the relocation of said graves within said burial grounds be moved to an appropriate location outside the boundaries of said Nashville Municipal Airport.

[Partial copy of 1957 Chancery Court Records from Metro Archives]

211 graves were re-interred at City Cemetery 1957.

Cemetery No. 3. Approximately 75’ x 200’ - not fenced, containing approximately 50 graves. Names on existing monuments:

In memory of Stanmore, J. H., son of Wright W. & Sally S. Smith Green County, Ala. Aged 17 years 8 months & 25 days

Little Matty B. 1875

Note: one tombstone in section of re-interred graves from Berry Field Property has overturned with inscription down (2002) might be Stanmore Smith monument..