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Stephens-Jennett Cemetery

Stephens-Jennett Cemetery, Davidson County, Tennessee

BE-29: NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.   Original site of this cemetery was off Charlotte Pike.
This cemetery was surveyed by Verla Hodges on March 18, 1971.  This cemetery was located 10 miles west of Nashville, off Charlotte Pike. Two tombstones with inscriptions and one metal marker without inscription plus many fieldstones were located on that day.  The inscriptions for the two tombstones:
George Washington Stephens  1860 - 1936
Mary Ezell Stephens  1866 - 1919
We Will Meet Again
Our Mother
Pearl Stephens Jennett
Sept. 28, 1893
Jan. 8, 1968
Harpeth Gleanings, Volume I, Winter, 1981, reported that there were only three markers, two with inscriptions and one without inscription,  in the graveyard although researchers considered that there were more members of the family buried there.  The cemetery was at the top of a very steep hill.  Sarah Foster Kelley and Verla Hodges reported the names of other family members who might also have been buried there:
Brown, Sallie Stephens   1820 - 1880
DeMoss, Nancy Stephens, 2nd wife of Jesse Shelton DeMoss  1830 - 1895
Jane Stephens Godwyn   1832 - 1870
Jennett, Katie   March 3, 1914 - June 30, 1971
Jennett, Harvey Tony   May 25, 1887 - Nov. 21, 1974
Stephens, Bartholomue   1780/82 in North Carolina - 1869
Stephens, Kezziah Linton, 1st wife of Bartholomue Stephens, born ca. 1790 - before 1816
Stephens, Elizabeth Barnes, 2nd wife of Bartholomue Stephens, born ca. 1790 in Virginia
    and  died before 1860
Stephens, John   1822 - after 1870
Stephens, Jane Mayo   1823 - after 1900
Davidson County Cemetery Survey volunteers visited the area of this cemetery in May, 2002.  The possible location of the Stephens-Jennett Cemetery was pointed out to the volunteers.  On this hillside, extensive home construction has taken place.  To date, the cemetery has not been located and must be considered “Lost.”
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Report.  2-17-2004

During 2002, Davidson County Cemetery surveyors made repeated attempts to locate this cemetery but were not successful.  Family descendants in 2005 were successful.


Chellia and David Hunt sent information to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project on May 28, 2005, about the Stephens-Jennett Cemetery. This cemetery had been visited by them and J. C. Hunt on April 16, 2005.  George Washington Stephens, buried in the cemetery, was the great grandfather to David Hunt and J. C. Hunt.  On the day of their visit to the cemetery, the following tombstone inscriptions were recorded:

George Washington Stephens
1860 – 1936
His Wife
Mary Ezell Stphens
1866 – 1919
We Shall Meet Again
Theresa Ann Stephens
June 15, 1954 - Jan. 7, 1956
Katie Jennett
March 3, 1914 – June 30, 1971
Our Daddy
Harvey Tony Jennett
May 25, 1877 – Nov. 21, 1974
Our Mother
Pearl Jennett
Sept. 28, 1893 – Jan. 8, 1968
Several fieldstones without inscriptions
Near the Stephens-Jennett gravestones
Homer Lee Scott
(died 1988)
Additions to Stephens-Jennett Cemetery web site listing.  April 2006