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Stump Cemetery (Lost)


During the GREAT FLOOD of 2010, Randy Pace, a descendant of the Stump family came to Nashville in search of the original Stump family graveyard.  He visited the Stump log house and talked to the owners who had lived there for nine years but they had never heard of a graveyard on the place.   Mr. Pace also visited with William Thompson on Dry Fork Pike. Stump owned over 2,000 acres in the area.  According to Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Graves, the previous owner of his land, told him that Frederick Stump had been buried on the Graves property and his body had been removed, perhaps in the 1920's or 1930's, to Spring Hill Cemetery.

This information is posted in hopes that someone with additional information will contact the Davidson County Cemetery Survey website through the email system.

Report.  8-5-2013