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Unnamed Cemetery - Nashville West

In 1987, an archaeological investigation was conducted by the Tennessee Division of Archaeology on a Unnamed Cemetery at Cockrill Bend Bridge on Briley Parkway.
The conclusions, given in the February 15, 1987 Summary of Investigations:
    “… The unnamed and abandoned cemetery consisted of at least 20 graves of adult Caucasian males interred in wooden coffins in the traditional manner.  Due to its location in an isolated portion of Tennessee State Prison property, the probable date of interment of 1900 to 1925, lack of artifacts and especially the fact that the burials are all adult males, it is highly probable that this cemetery was used by the prison as a “potters field.”  Originally the graves may have had wooden or fieldstone markers, but there is no present evidence to support that they were marked in any fashion.   The cemetery was abandoned and knowledge of its existence was lost.  It is quite likely that there were never any official records of the cemetery.  In any event, the location was not recognizable as a cemetery when Briley Parkway and Cockrill Bridge planning, survey and construction began.”
Report. 2-22-2004