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Waller, Sallie M. Cemetery

Waller, Sallie M. Cemetery, Davidson County, Tennessee

WALLER                                           Died: 1887                                        
Front inscription: SALLIE M./ DAUGHTER OF/ J. W. & ELLA A. WALLER/ AGE/ 6 YRS. 10 MO. 6 DAYS/ SERVE GOD AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN/ NOV. 27, 1887                                                                                

Removal of Graves from original burial site to Bordeaux Cemetery.
Metro Public Works acquired property to widen Edmondson Pike and part of this piece of the property included the cemetery.  A report entitled "Archaeological Disinterment of the Waller Family Cemetery" was completed in August 2005. A summary statement concerning the seven graves on the property:
    "Only two graves were marked on the ground surface. Burial 3 was marked with simple limestone fieldstone marking the east and west extensions of the grave.  Burial 5 had a marble headstone and footstone inscribed as belonging to Sally M. Waller who died at at the age of 6 years 10 months and 2 days.  Her birth date was engraved on the headstone as November 27, 1897 (the number 9 was engraved backwards on the headstone).
    "All the burials at the Waller Cemetery date to the late nineteenth or early twentieth cemetery, based on coffin shape, Sallie M. Waller's grave marker, results of background research and coffin hardware.  The cemetery was mostly liked used entirely by the Waller family in what is the late 1800's to early 1900's a very rural community in Davidson County."

David Kline, Metro Planning Mapping, was able to locate the disinterment report. He also learned that the reburials took place at Bordeaux Cemetery in September 2005.  A copy of the Archaeological report is in AN-02 Waller Cemetery Research File at Metro Archives.

Jenny Calvin, relation of the Waller family, continued to research. She also visited and photographed the re-located graves at Bordeaux Cemetery. According to the Archaeology report there were seven graves: one was for Sallie M. Waller, 2 were for adult women; 1 adult man and 3 infants.  From Jenny Calvin's research: One of the adult women would have been Ella Waller (Sallie's mother) buried 1941 in "Family Cemetery, Edmondson Pk."; one adult woman would have been Hester Waller Scott (Sallie's sister) buried 1934 "Waller Cemetery Edmonson Rd."  and the one adult man would have been John P. Scott buried 1945 "Family Cemetery Edmondson Rd." Names unknown for the 3 infants.   (Jenny Calvin 12-4-2012)

Jenny Calvin also interpreted the gravestone for Sallie M. Waller.  "I knew that the transcription of "1887" (Cemetery Survey transcript 11-26-1999 > see above) could not be correct since John and Ella Waller married in 1897.  On the tombstone, it looks like what happened is that it is supposed to say 1897 but the 9 is backwards!  
You can see this error on the close up photograph of her tombstone.  Her death date would have been October 3, 1904.  (Jenny Calvin 12-13-2012)

Additions to Sallie M. Waller Cemetery website listing.  6-13-2013