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Warren Cemetery (Karnes) - Lost

Information was sent to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project about a cemetery which might be located southeast of the Woodson Chapel Church of Christ, on Edmondson Pike.  According to one descendant,  Achlaux Turrentine (1831-1908) married Francis E. Warren and their home was in this neighborhood.
Map of Davidson County, U. S. Geological Survey, 1907, pointed out the location of the Oglesby Community area, with Owen-Winstead Road (now called Edmondson) running south to the Williamson County line.  On the east side of Owen-Winstead Road were shown, on this map running south, Woodson Chapel,  S. D. Turrentine,  Gray,
A. D. Turrentine,  Hill and  William Sneed.
There has been extensive development along Edmondson Pike in this vicinity. As of the date of this report, the Warren Cemetery has not been located and must be considered “Lost.”
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Report. 2-17-2004

In 2008, information was sent to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey website about the possible location of this cemetery.  Repeated attempts to connect with the informant were not successful.  In hopes that this information might be helpful, this is what the informant had to say:
   "This cemetery is behind the older part of the Highlands Neighborhood. Several years ago, a distant Warren relative from Louisiana got in touch with me about the cemetery because her father and brother are buried there. She said the cemetery was on a knoll.  This was 1993.  I contacted the woman who owned the property and she told me that  'Yes, there was family cemetery there, in the woods, but the headstones were in terrible shape and the property had been sold and apartments were going to be built there.' 
    According to the informant: "The problem was that I did not know the exact location of the cemetery. I think the cemetery was on the old Karnes property.  The Karnes and Warren families were related."

Updated Report:  7-11-2013