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Williams Cemetery (Sterling Oaks)

Williams Cemetery ‎‎(Sterling Oaks)‎‎


This cemetery was surveyed in 2003, and listed as Unnamed Cemetery - Antioch.  The cemetery was located on a knob in a subdivision.  A security fence enclosed the graves.  No tombstones with inscriptions were found during the 2003 survey, but 27 fieldstones were discovered, indicating a large family graveyard.  On the Metro Planning Commission Map & Parcel Id system, the graveyard was identified with Mortuary/Cemetery status.

During 2013, Jenny Calvin conducted careful research and investigation leading to her determination that this was her Williams family cemetery. From Certificates of Death, she identified the names of the following people with their birth and death dates who were buried in this graveyard.

Aulena Caroline Williams  Dec.20, 1864  March 16, 1946
Bettie A. Williams  Oct. 17, 1905  Dec. 18, 1923
Jennettie Chrisman Williams  July 21, 1872  Nov. 14, 1947
Lucy Jane Williams  Nov. 23, 1856  May 23, 1928
Martha Adeline Williams  Nov. 16, 1846  March 16, 1928
Robert Harrison Williams  Nov. 10, 1858  Oct. 12, 1942
William J. Williams  Feb. 24, 1863  Sept. 27, 1938

The owners of the property were also probably buried in this graveyard:
   James Shipton Williams  March 21, 1818  Dec. 8, 1890
    Mary Frances Kirk Williams  Dec. 21, 1822  Dec. 26, 1901

Jenny Calvin visited the cemetery in the spring of 2013 and took photographs of early buttercups blooming between the fieldstones.

Updated Report: 7-16-2013