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Winfrey - Holt Cemetery

WINFREY      Born: 1850       Died: 1912
Front Inscription: MARY/ WIFE OF/ C. B. WINFREY/ APR. 13, 1850/ AUG. 2, 1912
WINFREY      Born: 1885       Died: 1913
Front Inscription: HENRY B./ WINFREY/ FEB. 8, 1885/ MAR. 31, 1913
On day of the survey visit, the cemetery was heavily overgrown.  More headstone markers might have been covered over.  In 2005, the Cemetery Surveyors only found two tombstones. These tombstones were inscribed with the "Winfrey" name so that name was chosen for the cemetery name.

In February 2013, Jerry Marable, a Holt family descendant, sent an email inquiry to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey website.  He was seeking for information on a Holt Cemetery in Davidson County in the Eaton's Creek area. 

Fletch Coke undertook research in the Davidson County Death Records (1900-1913) on the two people whose tombstones were recorded, in 2005, during the Survey Project:  Henry B. Winfrey and Mrs. Mary Winfrey.  The Tennessee Certificates of Death found the following:
    Henry B. Winfrey Died March 30, 1913  Holt Burial Ground 
 (Tombstone, in 2005, was broken.  An error could have been made in recording death day) 
    Mrs. Mary Winfrey  Died Aug. 2, 1912  Holt burial Ground

Danya and Bill Downey made several trips to the area where the cemetery was thought to be located.  Using the the Map and Parcel ID for the location of the Winfrey Cemetery, it was seen that McCool Road, location of the Winfrey Cemetery, is off Eatons Creek Road. On March 27, 2013, Mrs. Downey wrote to Mr. Marable that 
    "We went back to look at the Winfrey Cemetery last Saturday and found just what had been recorded
      in 2005. Only the two Winfrey tombstones were visible. There was a lot of overgrowth  it is entirely possible
       that others are buried in the cemetery."

According to family history records, including death certificates, Jerry Marable reported that these Holt family members were buried at the Holt Cemetery:
Henry Holt, his great grandfather. Died June 12, 1901. Obituary stated "A well known farmer of the 23rd District." 
      Place of death: Eaton's Creek.  Confederate Veteran
Mary Ann Holt, his great grandmother.  Wife of Henry Holt. She died May 9, 1912 Place of Death: Eaton's Creek. 
       Burial in Family Burial Grounds. Combs & Davis Funeral Directors
Charlotte Holt.  Wife of Peter Holt. Died March 2, 1902.  Place of Interment: 6 miles on Eaton's Creek 
       Wiles & Karsch Funeral Directors
Isaac Holt. Died Dec. 21, 1906. Burial 7 miles on Hyde's Ferry at family burial grounds      
        Wiles, Wilkerson & Co. Funeral Directors
Nancy Henrietta Holt.  Isaac's wife.  Died May 11, 1920. Buried at Holt Burial Grounds.
        Roesch, Johnson, Charlton Funeral Directors
Leonard J. Holt.  Son of Isaac and Nancy Holt.  Died Dec. 26, 1931. Holt Burial Grounds
Thomas C. Holt.  Son of Isaac and Nancy Holt. Died Aug. 17, 1931.  Holt Burial Grounds
Peter Holt.  Husband of Charlotte. died Feb. 7, 1908  Uncle of Henry Holt

Name of the cemetery has been changed to Winfrey - Holt Cemetery.

Update Report.  August 12, 2013