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Wray-Hamblen Cemetery

Local residents in 2003 reported that many of the graves from the Wray-Hamblen Cemetery had been removed to Spring Hill Cemetery.  In Tombstone Inscriptions and Manuscripts, compiled by Mrs. Jeannette T. Acklen and published in 1933, the following report was given:
“…Near the Neely’s Bend Road, one mile north of the mouth of Stone’s River, on the old Wray-Hamblen place in Davidson County, Tennessee.  Most of these have been removed to Spring Hill Cemetery.  Copied by W. H. Hamblen, Nashville Post Office.   Listed were the names of the following family members:
William Wray  Dec. 23, 1760 – Sept. 8, 1843. 82 Years 8 Months 16 Days
Mary Menees Wray   Daughter of James Menees, Revolutionary War Solider
     Wife of William Wray
James M. Wray May 3, 1794 – June 4, 1864
Mildred E. Wray  Died Nov. 11, 1851 Aged 39 Years 1 Month 24 Days  Wife of  James M. Wray   
Mary Agnes  Wray  Aug. 6, 1822 – June 23, 1889  Widow of Richard Jordan
     Prior to marriage to James M. Wray. Maiden name was Bagwell
Lewis White  Sept. 11, 1779 – 1824
Sarah White  Died Aug. 23, 1815  Aged 22 Years 2 Months 7 Days.  Died in childbirth
     Two babies buried with her
Eliza W. G. Wray  Died Aged 22 Years 4 Months 7 Days
Richard W. Jordan  Aug 22, 1843 – Jan. 15, 1870
Pleasant Ann Wray  Feb. 17, 1854 – Oct. 13, 1873
    “She has gone to Go, angels greet he/ Gone to join the Seraph band/
      Who are springing now to meet her/ In the glorious spirit land”
J. K. Polk Hamblen  Dec. 7, 1844 – June 6, 1901
       (father of W. Henry, Annie W., R. Lee & Mattie Hamblen)
Mattie G. Wray Hamblen  Aug. 6, 1859 – Aug. 7, 1889
       Wife of  J. K. P. Hamblen
Mary Agnes Hamblen  Jan. 11, 1878 – July 16, 1878
       “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”
Those names listed above in bold have tombstones which were recorded by volunteers in the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project.  All the legible tombstone inscriptions, 573 inscriptions, in the historic sections of Spring Hill Cemetery were recorded during 2003 & 2004. 
To view these inscriptions, return to the Cemetery Index and click-on Spring Hill Cemetery.
Were there other removals from the Wray-Hamblen Cemetery?  There are two possibilities.  It is possible that there were no extant tombstones for some of these family members at the time of removal to Spring Hill Cemetery.  Or it possible that certain reburials took place outside the historic sections of Spring Hill Cemetery and thus were not recorded by the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project during 2003 & 2004.