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Percy Priest Lake Cemetery Removals (1966)

Editor's Note: Each of the Percy Preist Cemeteries are contained in the subpages located at the bottom of this page.

On Stones River, Cumberland River Basin, Percy Priest Lake and Dam were constructed by the federal government to provide electricity, flood control and recreation. The Project was dedicated by President Lyndon B. Johnson on June 29, 1968.
The federal government acquired 20,000 acres of land, located in Davidson, Wilson and Rutherford counties, for the Percy Priest Project. Ninety-seven (97) family cemeteries located, within the three counties, had to be relocated prior to the construction of the dam and the filling of the lake. The contract for removal and relocation of these cemeteries was signed on March 18, 1966, and all work was completed on July 13, 1966.
In November, 2002, Sherry L. Roberts, Conservation Biologist, Percy Priest Lake, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District, provided Ken Fieth, Director of Metro Archives, with documents to be duplicated at the Metro Government Archives. A family history researcher may study copies of the Corps of Engineer records at the Metro Archives including the following documents:
Completion Report, Percy Priest Reservoir Project, Cemetery Relocation in Davidson, Wilson and Rutherford Counties, by U.S. Corps of Engineers, dated August 1966. Photographs of the individual cemeteries prior to removal and after relocation. List of property owners where the cemeteries were located.

Name, number of each cemetery, with the names and death dates, of those burials which had grave markers.
Plat map of graves in each cemetery prior to removal. Maps showing the locations of the original cemeteries prior to removal. List of cemeteries, number of reburials, and Sections of these reburials in Mt. Juliet Cemetery, Wilson County, TN. Plat maps and Section maps, showing the relocation sites, in Mt. Juliet Cemetery.
In the Completion Report, 1966, the “Description of the Work” stated that the first step was the purchase of re-interment space at Mt. Juliet Cemetery, Wilson County, TN. The Relocation Project required the relocation of 2,243 graves, from 97 cemeteries,  to Mt. Juliet Cemetery or other cemetery, as designated by family descendants; the removal and re-setting of 478 gravestones and monuments;  the installation of 1,738 new concrete graves markers and 109 Section markers.
In the Completion Report 1996, the description of  “Ceremonies and Notifications” stated that “where known, next-of-kin and/or other interested parties were notified by the Resident Engineer Office in advance of disinterment and re-interment and services were held as requested.”
The 53 cemeteries removed from Davidson County sites during the Percy Priest Cemetery Relocation Project are all contained in this section of the Davidson County Cemetery Survey. The cemeteries have been listed with the name assigned by the U.S. Corps of Engineers.
Report by the Davidson County Cemetery Survey on May 10, 2004

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