PP-06:  NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.  Relocated in 1966.
U. S. Corps of Engineers removed the Baker Cemetery (#6), Davidson County,  prior to the construction of  Percy Priest Lake and Dam.  Re-interments took place at Mt. Juliet Cemetery, Wilson County, TN., in Section E. Corps recorded the following names and death dates.
Wright, Lizzie. 1908
Wright, Mattie E. 1897
Wright, Mary Alice Florida. 1910
Baker, Tennessee C. 1909
Baker, Frances.  1892
Baker, Ellen M. S. 1884
Castleman, William H. 1882
Castleman, Charity A. M. 1877
Castleman, James J. 1877
Castleman, J. S. 1919
Castleman, A. E.  1930
Foster, Sarah Ann. 1945
Foster, I. D. 1913
Foster, T. L. 1938
Ward. Ercell Tybune. 1925
Jenkins, Zona L. 1912
Evans, John Robert. 1894
Evans, Nancy Ann. 1910
Evans, Flay. No date
Hessey, Theophilus. 1891                                
Hessey, F. F. 1891                                          
Hessey, Annie R. 1933                        
Jenkins, William R. 1896                                 
Gleaves, Mary T. 1909                        
Baker, Anna. 1866                                          
Baker, James. 1866                                         
Wright, Elizabeth J.  1911
Wright, J. E.  1905
Ballentine, Mary L. 1864
Ballentine, William. No date                             
S. H.   No date
Freed, Ollie A.  1903
Freed, Elsiee.  1900
Ballentine, H. C.  1924
Ballentin, Laura F.  1918
A. L. B.   No date
D. M. B.   No date
A. B.   No date
James J. Baker.  1816
Baker, Susanna.  1837
Jenkins, Infant.  No date
Jenkins, Infant.  No date
15 Unknown. Graves without markers                                                             
For additional historical information on the Percy Priest Dam and Lake Project, click-on “Percy Priest. Cemeteries Removed”
Report.  4-30-2004