(PRIOR TO PERCY PRIEST LAKE & DAM CONSTRUCTION)
PP-83:  NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.   Relocated in 1966.
U. S. Corps of Engineers removed the Castleman Cemetery (#83), Davidson County, prior to the construction of the Percy Priest Lake and Dam.  Re-interments took place at Mt. Juliet Cemetery, Wilson County, TN.,  in Sections F. G. U. & X.     Corps recorded the following names and death dates:
McClenden, Joab.  1906
Warren, E. A. McClenden.  1913
McClenden, Alexander.  No date
McClenden, Nancy Ann.  No date
McClenden, Kasson.  No date
McClendon, Jimmie.  No date
Hunt, Joe. E.   1922
Hunt, Emma.  No date
Fuqua, Shopa.  1920
Boner, Zipporah. No date
Coleman, Charles. 1957
Bugg, James G.  1841
Bugg, Benjamin.  1847
Castleman, Lillie.  1933
Castleman, T. W.  1933
Castleman, Clemmie.  1905
Hagar, Ocena.  1918
Ward, Mary.  1855
Norvell, J. A.  1919
Norvell, Ella M.  1930
Castleman, H. L.  1913
Castleman, Elizabeth M.  1921
Castleman,  Ashley R.  No date
Castleman, Mary J.  1921
Brent, Ella.  No date
Boner, Hallum.  1911
Cone, C.  1900
Cone, Elizabeth. No date
Castleman, Mrs.   No date
Garvin, Otie.  1909
Ward, Will H.  1905
Ward, Jennie I. 1910
Ward, Willie N.  No date
Garvin, James Thomas.  1945
Garvin, Edith Medora. 1957
Sweeney, Leona.  No date
Brent, John. 1931
Brent, T. A.  1921
Castleman, Esse W.  1912
Castleman, Jesse W.  1912
Castleman, Thomas A.  1912
Castleman, Ida Mai.  1924
Brent, C. J.  1924
McElyea, Neil. No date
Sweeney, Robert. No date
Johnson, Infant.  No date
Johnson, Infant.  No date
Johnson, Infant.  No date
70 Unknown.  Graves without markers.
For additional historical information on the Percy Priest Dam and Lake Project, click-on “Percy Priest. Cemeteries Removed”                                                       

Report.  4-30-2004