PP-52:  NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.   Relocated in 1966.
U. S. Corps of Engineers removed the Gleaves Cemetery (#52), Davidson County, prior to the construction of Percy Priest Lake and Dam.   Re-interments took place at Mt. Juliet Cemetery, Wilson County, TN.,  in Sections C & O.  (This cemetery has also been known as the Frederick Binkley Cemetery.  See the inscriptions given in a 1933 publication, after the list prepared by the Corps of Engineers.)     Corps recorded the following names and death dates:
Yelton, Rufus Burton.  1937
Yelton, Addie Bell.  1932
Yelton, Rina Gemima.  1927
Gleaves, Joseph H.  1889
Gleaves, Leonard H.  1888
Gleaves, William P.  1888
Gleaves, Marina E.  1877
Gleaves, Ed F.  1902
Gleaves, Marina.  1900
Gleaves, Davis. 1922
Gleaves, Luther.  1911
Gleaves, Ella.  1932
Binkley, John H.  1818
Binkley, Frederick.  1857
Binkley, Adeline.  1868
Binkley, Robert F.  1860
Binkley, Lou.  No date
Binkley, John M. 1861
Binkley, James H.  1861
Binkley, Caroline N. 1864
Binkley, William B.  1898
Binkley, Augusta A. 1872
Binkley, James.  No date
Binkley, Andrew P.  1821
Binkley, Pleasant H.  No date
Bass, Lucy A.  1864
30 Unknown.  Graves without markers.
“Frederick Binkley Cemetery” was listed in the 1933 publication, entitled Tombstone Inscriptions and Manuscripts, compiled by Jeannette Tillotson Acklen.  The cemetery was located at that time “between Stewart’s Ferry Road and Central Pike on the old Frederick Binkley Farm.”  The following inscriptions appear on page 106:
Frederick Binkley. Feb. 15, 1774 -  Sept. 18, 1857. 
           Married Adeline Shackelford, Dec. 24, 1804.
Adeline Shackelford Binkley. May 17, 1789 - Sept. 15, 1868.
John H. Binkley. Sept. 16, 1807 - July 24, 1818.
Pleasant H. Binkley. Infant son of John Henry and Mary Walker Binkley. Age 36 days
Lucy A. Bass. Oct. 13, 1861 - Dec. 22, 1864.
James Binkley.  Son of F. M. Binkley.  Age 6 years.
Lou Binkley. Infant daughter of J. N. and Cornelia Binkley.
James H. Binkley. July 25, 1831 - Dec. 1861.  C. S.A.
John M. Binkley. April 1, 1843 - Dec. 12, 1861.  C.S.A.
Cornelia N. Binkley.  Wife of William Binkley. June 9, 1814 - Jan. 20, 1864.
William B. Binkley.  May 11, 1808 - Sept. 1892.
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Report.  4-30-2004