PP-78:  NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.   Relocated in 1966.
U. S. Corps of Engineers removed the Huggins Cemetery (#78), Davidson County, prior to the construction of Percy Priest Lake and Dam.   Re-interments took place at Mt. Juliet Cemetery, Wilson County,  in Sections B & C,  with the exceptions, listed below, of one removal to Mason Cemetery and two removals to Mt. Olivet Cemetery.   Corps recorded the following names and death dates:
Ellis, R. A.  No date
Ellis, S. H.  No date
Ellis, William Littleton.  1931
Charlton, Rosa E.  1908
Robertson, Annie.  No date
Wright, Margaret Annie.  1936
Waggoner, R. A. J.  1926
Waggoner, S. E. D.  1899
Waggoner, Emma C.  1887
Waggoner,  Cleopatrie.  1886
Waggoner, Infant.  1878
Waggoner, Rose.  1919
Waggoner, J. S. “Bud.”  1945
Nicholson, Infant.  No date
Waggoner, W. C.  1899
Waggoner, Margaret P.  1895
Waggoner, Samuel D. 1880
Waggoner, Rachel A.  No date
Waggoner, William.  1843
Waggoner, Catherine. No date
Waggoner, Margaret J. 1859
Waggoner, Margaret Allis. 1865
Pugh, Elgin. No date
Pugh, Joseph R. “Bob.”  1953
Pugh, Ada Mai Ellis.  1953
Pugh, Bennie L.  No date
Huggins, Annie R.  1962
Huggins, James Jackson.  1940
Pugh, Kate.  1943
Wingler, John S.  1947
Perry, Monroe.  1960
Perry, Thomas A.  1959
Sewell, James.  1960
Sewell, Willie Osie.  No date
Burnette, Annie F.  No date  (Removed to Mason Cemetery)
Earhart, Willie.  No date
Earhart, Sallie.  1926
Perry, Dock.  No date
Perry, Mary W.  No date
Perry, Infant.  1942
Perry, Jimmie.  No date
Perry, Infant. No date  (Removed to Mt. Olivet Cemetery)
Ellis, Chester.  No date. (Removed to Mt. Olivet Cemetery)
46 Unknown.  Graves without markers.
Original location of the Huggins Cemetery may be found on    
(Available in 2004)
For additional historical information on the Percy Priest Dam and Lake Project, click-on “Percy Priest. Cemeteries Removed”                                                       

Report.  4-30-2004