PP-3:  NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.  Relocated in 1966.
U. S. Corps of Engineers removed the Hurt Cemetery  (#3), Davidson County,  prior to the construction of  Percy Priest Lake and Dam. Re-interments took place at Mt. Juliet Cemetery, Wilson County, TN.  in Section B.   Corps recorded the following names and death dates:
Swafford, Robert Lee.  No date
Northcutt, Tom.  No date
Hull, Virgle.  No date
Northcutt, Harry Fields.  No date
Northcutt, Charles Richard.  No date
Swafford, C. & T., Infants.  No date
McKnight, Joe Luther.  1952
McKnight, G. W.  No date
McKnight, Tinney.  No date
McKnight, Jennie.  No date
McKnight, Gladis.  No date
McKnight, Infant.  No date
McQuarry, Tom.  No date
Hurt.  No date
Hurt.  No date
Hurt.  No date
McQuarry, William. No date
McQuarry, Martha.  1909
Hurt, Josiah. No date
Hurt, Mary L.  1901
McCruah, Martha.  No date
Polk, John.  No date
Northcutt, Dolly.  No date
Hurt, Dollie.  No date
Hurt, John.  No date
Sands, Oakley.  1920
Sands, J. F.  1961
Null, James R.  No date
Worrell, Evelyn.  1945
Reynolds, Lizy.  No date
Donelson, William.  1950
Hager, Marvin.  1959
Hurt, Joe S. I. R.  No date
McWhirter, Edward L.  1950
McWhirter, Brinda G. 1956
Hurt, George.  No date
Sands, John.  No date
Worrell, George. 1943
Swafford, Rebecca G.  1957
Norris.  No date
Nannie, Florence E.  1953
Swafford, Magdalene.  1944
Swafford, Infant.  No date
Houchin, Ben. F.  1939
Sands, J. W.  No date
Sands, Miles.  1947
Sands, Roy.  1947
Goosetree, Lilly M. & Infant.  No date
Swafford, Lizy.  No date
McKnight, Luther.  1965
Hale, Vernon.  No date
Swafford, Robert.  No date
18 Unknown.  Graves without markers
Original location of the Hurt Cemetery may be found on  
(Available in 2004)
For additional historical information on the Percy Priest Dam and Lake Project, click-on “Percy Priest. Cemeteries Removed”                                                       

Report.  4-30-2004