PP-23:  NASHVILLE, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN.   Relocated in 1966.
U. S. Corps of Engineers removed the Perry Cemetery (#23), Davidson County, prior to the construction of Percy Priest Lake and Dam.  Re-interments took place at Mt. Juliet Cemetery, Wilson County, TN.,  in Section E.   Corps recorded the following names and death dates:
Gregory, Temperance Ann.  1849
Hall, Temperance.  No date
Hamilton, Buiel P. 1846
Perry, Burrill.  1851
Perry, Ester.  1855
Bird, Elizabeth.  1855
1 Unknown.  Grave without marker.
Original location of the Perry Cemetery may be found on    
(Available in 2004)
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Report.  4-30-2004

Janet K. Tandy, a great great great granddaughter of Eleazar & Emily Perry Hamilton, sent information to the Davidson County Cemetery Survey project on August 15, 2005, about people buried in the Perry family cemetery.   The tombstone inscriptions were recorded by H. E. Major in 1957,  prior to relocation of the graves during 1966. These inscriptions were sent in a letter to Janet K. Tandy from her cousin Betty Jo Hamilton.
Tombstone Inscriptions recorded 1957
In Memory of
Elizabeth Bird
April 16, 1765 – Nov. 4, 1851
Aged 82 Years 6 Months & 18 Days
(sister of Esther Bird Perry)
In Memory of
Consort of Burrel Perry
Sept. 8, 1767 – June 23, 1855
Aged 87 Years & 9 Months
Temperance Ann Gregory
Dec. 1, 1831 – Aug. 29, 1849
She sleeps, sweetly forever
Freed from earth’s low cares
Burrill Perry
Feb. 16, 1767 – May 13, 1851
(husband of Esther)
Burel P. Hamilton
Sept. 6, 1824 – Oct. 9, 1846
(eldest son of Eleazar Hamilton, Jr. & Emily Perry Hamilton)
    {Emily was daughter of Burrell & Esther Perry}
In Memory of
Temperance Hall
Departed this life
April 10th 1832
Aged 38 Years
Additions to Perry Cemetery (Removed) PP-23 web site listing.  April 2006